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Colour Line® Rack and Pinion Presses
Definition, Function, Use

Colour Line® rack and pinion presses are manually operated bench-top presses. Like all rack and pinion presses the press force is generated with manual force applied to the lever, which starts up the transmission mechanism. The specialty of the rack and pinion mechanism is that the gear transmission ratio remains constant so that the press force is constant in direct relation to the manual force applied du-ring the entire stroke.

The constant compressive force is attained by the direct transmission of force of the long hand lever on a cogwheel (small lever). Because the compressive force of the press is always in direct relation to the manual force applied, the rack press is also called a direct-acting or linear acting press. By propelling a rack-and-pinion the cogwheel transforms its turning movement into the linear movement of the plunger, which is conducted in a precisely honed hole. A spring, which is made taught with the stroke, not only makes the easy back-stroke of the press possible, but also gives the operator a feeling for the movement being executed through its initial tension. The stroke length can be adjusted precisely with an adjustable aiming position as well as with an adjusting screw.

The position of the press head is infinitely adjustable using the controls on the press stand. This makes it possible to adjust the work height to accommodate the inserted tools and parts.

The constant power flow ColourLine® rack and pinion presses makes them the ideal tool for work steps wherein full force is required along the entire stroke length, for example for mounting, press-in operation, bending and similar tasks.

Colour Line® rack and pinion presses are ideal for flexible application in the most different industrial branches and for the use of various different tools and parts. Typical areas of use are in the building of prototypes or the production of smaller and medium lot sizes, whereby a full automation would exceed the budget.